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Technique Video Analysis:

Tennis’ biomechanic is the foundation of the sport. If you’re looking to refine your technique, send me your video and I will analyse your strokes and detect the errors. I will asses the technique changes needed and will give you a complete report on how to fix them.

Footwork Drills:

There is a saying in tennis: ”You’re as good as your court movement”. Tennis footwork is very neglected by most players but it is a key part of the game, if not the most important. I will give provide you with footwork drill that will allow you to improve your tennis agility, be lighter on your feet, change direction quicker, and be more explosive out the gate.

All-Around Fitness Program:

If you want to give yourself the best chance of winning, you have to become and all-around athlete. Whether you are looking for an off-season or during tournament fitness program, I will put in place a tailored strength and conditionning work out plan with warm up and cool down exercises to better prepare yourself for tough matches.

Game Tactic & Strategy:

Do you want to take your tennis IQ to the next level? To become a smarter player, you need to determine your game style in order to impose yout strength against your opponents weakness. I will explain you how to play against certain type of players and and how to make better shot selections.

Tennis Mindset & Psychology:

Tennis is just as much as a mental game then a physical game. In fact, tennis is 90% mental. I will help you achieve mental and emotional greatness on the tennis court through several mental techniques that will help you stay calm under pressure and get rid of your negative thoughts.

Monthly All-Inclusive Package:

This package will allow you to get access to all of my expertise, services, tips and advices on a monthly basis.